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Monday, June 8, 2009

New Paintball Gun

I got a new Paintball gun. This is very similar to the other one. It's a Dangerous Power G3 SE. I got the Dye Rotor feeder instead of the Halo. I also got a smaller air tank than I had on the last one.

This gun came with some colored parts, a different trigger, an air release ASA and a two piece barrel.

I like got the smaller air tank so the gun would be lighter.

I like the Dye Feeder better than the Halo.

The other benefit of the new gun is that now when I play against Ryan, we can play even G3 to G3. Sucks that it will probably be a couple more weeks before I get back to Idaho.

Monday, June 1, 2009


About two months ago I went to play paint ball with Ryan in Idaho. The rental equipment was lame but the game was fun. The next time I went back was about a month later and paintball was the main thing I was going to do while I was there. Ryan had been researching markers and knew where I could buy mine. Late Friday night we went to the store and I bought a Dangerous Power G3 and a Dye i4 face mask. I left my gun in Idaho because that's pretty much where I play. Ryan modified it while I was gone and this is how it looks two weeks later.

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